We have looked more than 200 sport places in Moscow and Moscow district and chose the best of the best sports and entertainment complex called "Salut" (further - SEC Salut).

The stadium has two tribunes and more than six thousand seats, two football yards, 6 runway tracks, two athletic yards.

The first building was built in 2008 and includes big sport hall which is more than 1000 square meters with dressing and shower rooms and 500 seat places.

The second one was built in 2014 and includes swimming pool (8 tracks), two child swimming pools and rink with 270 places, the gym, boxing halls and many others.

At this area you can find a huge parking including 300 places for cars. 


Sport complex "Salute" is located in Dolgoprudny, Raketostroiteley Avenue, building 4, 5 km from MKAD: